Il voltafaccia stretto, De Lucchi

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Double notebook,
dimensions 10 x 15 cm,
number of pages 56+56,
cover malmero 300 gr screen printing,
uncoated paper munken 80 gr cream 1.8,
one notebook white and one liner notebook,
binding with black staples, black elastic band,
projects description inside,
hand numbered,
made in Italy.

Projects on the cover
Michele De Lucchi,
Pendant light Acquatinta,
Produzione Privata, Milan, Italy, 1996

Stool and coat stand-column Bisonte,
Produzione Privata, Milan, Italy, 2005

Out of stock

Product Description

Michele De Lucchi,
Pendant light Acquatinta,
Produzione Privata, Italy, 1996
Designed for Private Production, Acquatinta is a pendant light made from mouth-blown Murano glass, featuring simple and familiar geometries. The transparent
glass offers an inside-out-look into the detailed inner workings of the lamp, almost like a bone structure being unveiled by an x-ray. The lamp has remained in step with the times through the various finishes, colours and materials which have been updated and added over the years. After the original transparent, sanded and silver versions, transparent green, black and white coated versions were produced. The classical lampshade shape transforms the lamp into a vitrine which enriches the value of light. The transparent variant of the lamp, its wooden mould and two drawings have become a part of the permanent collection of the Centre Georges Pompidou museum in Paris.

Michele De Lucchi,
Stool and coat stand-column Bisonte,
Produzione Privata, Italy, 2005
“The children noticed straight away that those were the horns of a bison and that an imposing animal could be created by stacking the stools. The piece has the dual function of being a stool and a coat stand, but what really matters is what it evokes and the immediate charm aroused by this beast: a timid delightful head with horns!” (Michele De Lucchi)
This piece has a dual function therefore, a pure, sincere and authentic divertissement as interpreted by a child: in addition to the object’s everyday use – a coat stand when stacked, a stool when used individually -, its most interesting function is its transformation into a “good monster” and imaginary playmate. The Bisonte is made of lightweight birch plywood, making it a friend of the youngest, who are able to move it and to continuously reinvent his functions. The Bisonte is a seat that is also conceived as a constructive element, an item to hang clothes and hats on, to sit on at a table or to use to compose sculptures conjured by the imagination and able to assume different shapes at any time.It is a system and, as with any system, lends itself to composition. What matters in actual fact, is its element of fun.


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