L’ elegante stretto, Future S e Shiro Studio, MEF



dimensions 10 x 15 cm,
cover malmero 300 gr screen printing,
uncoated paper munken 80 gr cream 1.8,
binding cotton thread,
number of pages 128,
hand numbered,
cover color black,
project description inside,
made in Italy.

Project on the cover

Future Systems – Jan Kaplicky
e Shiro studio – Andrea Morgante,
MEF Museo Enzo Ferrari,
Modena, Italy, 2012

Product Description

Future Systems – Jan Kaplicky
e Shiro studio – Andrea Morgante,
MEF Museo Enzo Ferrari,
Modena, Italy, 2012

Dedicated to motor racing legend and entrepreneur
Enzo Ferrari (1898 – 1988), the museum comprises
exhibition spaces within the early nineteenth century house where the motor racing giant was born and raised, and its adjoining workshop, as well as a separate, newly constructed exhibition building. Following the death of Jan Kaplicky in 2009, the office of Future Systems was dissolved. Andrea Morgante, formerly of Future Systems and now director of Shiro Studio, was appointed to oversee the museum’s completion. The fully restored house and workshop provide additional exhibition space designed by Morgante. The sculpted yellow aluminium roof with its ten incisions – intentionally analogous to those air intake vents on the bonnet of a car – allows for natural ventilation and day lighting, and both celebrates and expresses the aesthetic values of car design.
The bright Modena yellow of the roof is Ferrari’s corporate colour, as seen on the Ferrari insignia where it forms the backdrop to the prancing horse. It is also the official colour of Modena. The views out of the new exhibition building dramatically frame the house and workshop, while views from outside the house and workshop immediately reveal the function and content of the new exhibition building. The height of the new exhibition building reaches a maximum of 12 metres – the same height as the house – with its volume expanding below ground level. In addition, the new building gently curves around the house in a symbolic gesture of appreciation. Visitors entering the new building have uninterrupted views into the entire exhibition space: a large, open, white room, where the walls and floor transition lightly into one another and are perceived as a single surface. A stretched semi-transparent membrane spreads light evenly across the roof, and in combination with the slits running from side to side which allow air to escape and give a ribbed effect, recalls the language of a car interior. A gently sloping ramp gradually leads the visitor around the building from the ground floor to the basement level, with display stands designed by Morgante punctuating the circulation path. These stands lift the cars 45 centimetres so that they can be viewed from different angles and appreciated as works of art rather than objects simply placed in a room. Up to twenty-one cars can be displayed in this open space at any one time.
Supplementary exhibition material is displayed in leather cases located along the perimeter wall. At the bottom of the ramp and directly below the entrance, an audiovisual room forms a permanent part of the exhibition.
A flexible teaching space and a conference room with a carved out opening allowing views up into the entrance area are located next to it.

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